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Customer Complaint Handling  Procedure


Solar Mentor Australia is committed to responding to customer feedback. Responding effectively and efficiently to feedback assists us to improve our services and deliver better outcomes. While we strive to deliver the best service to our customers, there might be times when we may receive customer complaints. We do understand that there may be rare occasions when we receive customer complaints, and we are dedicated to resolving them as quickly as possible.


Complaints managed under this policy may be about
a. Solar system supplied and installed by Solar Mentor Australia
b. Service provided by Solar Mentor Australia.
C. Employee/installer/sales consultant

What Is A Complaint?

We see a complaint as any expression of dissatisfaction or grievance made to us about any of our products and services or the way we’ve managed a complaint. While we try to resolve all complaints in a timely manner, we recognize that some take precedence over others. We will always attempt to address urgent matters immediately and attend to any other, non-urgent, complaint as promptly as possible.

Our Complaint Handling Procedure:

We will try to resolve all complaints at the time they are raised. However, if a matter requires further investigation, which may require some time, we will communicate the steps we are taking with the customer within five (5) business days and attempt to find a resolution as promptly as possible. If the complainant is not satisfied with the resolution outcome, we will escalate the matter to the higher authority and expedite addressing the complaint further, with the aim of a resolution that is satisfactory to the customer.


Depending on the nature of the complaint, however, we remain committed to resolving all complaints within twenty (20) business days of receiving them unless a clear reason is present for extending the timeline.


If the case happens to be more complex and requires longer than twenty (20) business days, we will contact the customer and explain the reason/s for any delays. Solar Mentor Australia will make every reasonable effort to advise the complainant as soon as possible of the receipt of their complaint and the expected timeframe for its resolution. If further time is required to investigate a complaint (beyond the already stated 20-day
resolution timeframe), and any necessary further investigation will be completed within 45 days of the receipt of the complaint.


While any complaint is being investigated and addressed, the complainant will be provided updates via phone calls and/or emails regarding any progress. If the customer is still not satisfied with how their complaint has been handled or resolved, we will escalate, once again, to the next level of management within the company with the intention of a satisfactory outcome.

Lodging a Complaint:

If a client is dissatisfied with the outcome of a complaint, Solar Mentor Australia will provide the consumer with the appropriate contact details for escalating that complaint either internally or externally to the relevant state or territory industry consumer protection organisation, as an independent dispute resolution body.


Solar Mentor Australia will ensure that consumers fully understand the various avenues of complaint available to them. This is best done by clearly documenting those avenues in the complaints handling procedure. Consumers who have attempted to have their complaint resolved by Solar Mentor Australia and are dissatisfied with that response will be referred to the applicable industry ombudsman or consumer affairs body.


Solar Mentor Australia will at all times maintain appropriate record-keeping of complaints and their outcome.
To lodge a complaint, please find below our office contact details.
If you feel the need to escalate the complaint outside the company, the details of authorities are listed below:


Solar Mentor Australia Office Number: 1300956847
Consumer Affairs Victoria: 1300956847

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