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In the fiscal year 2023-24, a total of 4,500 interest-free loans, each with a maximum value of up to $8,800, will be available. As you contemplate the advantages of a solar battery for increased control over your self-generated clean energy, it’s crucial to assess your household’s energy consumption habits.

For households with moderate energy usage, investing in solar panels (PV) and a mid-sized battery, typically around 10kW, can yield annual savings averaging over $1,000, with a return on investment anticipated within 10 years.

Here is a list of battery systems approved by Solar Victoria.

Before reaching out to a retailer about solar battery installation, there are essential questions to consider:

  1. Energy Usage Patterns: Understanding how and when your household consumes energy is paramount. Evaluate whether your peak energy usage occurs during the day or in the mornings and evenings, aligning your energy needs with a battery’s potential benefits. Also, factor in future energy needs.
  2. Optimizing Self-Consumption: Ideally, utilizing the energy generated by your PV system in real-time throughout the day is the most cost-effective approach to reduce energy bills. However, the challenge arises when peak solar generation and peak energy usage don’t align. Timers can help manage appliance usage, but batteries provide the option to store excess daytime energy for evening use, lowering grid reliance and costs.
  3. System Configuration: Your retailer can assist in configuring your system for optimal usage and may discuss the possibility of operating your battery in “standalone” mode during grid outages, requiring potential wiring and electrical modifications.
  4. Battery Size: The right battery size depends on your solar system’s capacity, overnight energy consumption, and whether you require backup during power outages. Consider future energy demands, such as electric vehicles or appliance upgrades.
  5. Battery Usage Patterns: Striking a balance between regular charging and discharging, without overuse, is crucial for maximizing battery lifespan. An Energy Management System or similar app can help fine-tune these settings.
  6. Future-Proofing: Plan for potential changes in your energy usage, such as transitioning to electric appliances or expanding your PV system to accommodate a growing household.

For expert guidance on selecting the ideal battery to suit your specific needs and budget, we recommend reaching out to us for a free assessment or an accredited installer, or an authorized retailer. Making an informed decision is key to harnessing the full benefits of your solar battery system.

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